Feminist anti transgender group trying to use Quaker Venues?

Friends House notify us as follows:-

Meeting House Managers in Sheffield and Manchester have recently been faced with finding at very short notice that the ‘feminist discussions’ being held at their venues were, or were likely to be, anti-transgender events.

Our contact has found 3 events from this group planned for the future. They are all ‘venue to be announced’ which was also true of the event held at Manchester Mount St.

The venue hasn't been announced yet, so it's quite possible that it's not a Meeting House, but it might be worth checking in case the organisers have decided that Quaker venues are good for them.
There are other 'venue undisclosed' ones this month - in London: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-womans-place-is-making-a-stand-tickets-42865237078?aff=es2



If you discover that this group is planning its meeting at your venue, please contact Anne van Staveren, Media Relations Officer – 020 7663 1048 annev@quaker.org.uk


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