London Quakers AGM 28 July 2014

London Quakers AGM 28 June 2014
1. We receive the Annual Report for 2013, noting that with 4 days of The Quaker Way Next Steps and with one day for Treasurers resourced by Woodbrooke, LQs provided 10 days’ activity during the year (drawn on by possibly 300 Quakers, including several from well beyond London) and that the total for 2014 is likely to be higher. We thank our Committee and in particular our Clerk Keith Walton. A copy of the Report is attached to the master copy of these Minutes and will be mounted on the LQs website
2. We receive the Accounts for 2013, noting that we have a reserve of £4400 and that it cost us £4500 to run the year’s activities, although they brought in an income of £1800. We also received £300 from one Area Meeting. The single biggest category of spending is advertising (and we note the addition during 2013 of the Freshers Fair at University of London Union). We thank our Treasurer, Hank Eynatten, for his years of service, and our Examiner Janet Headley.
3. This year, 2014, our Committee bring us the name of Janet Headley to become our Treasurer. We appoint her with immediate effect to serve until 31 December 2014 and we authorise our Committee to appoint a new Examiner later in the year.
4. We note that London Friends are always welcome to attend our Committee meetings provided they check with one of the clerking team ahead of the date. The next meeting is 7 July at friends House, 1700 for 1730.
5. We have considered the idea of a Regional Support Worker, which we believe has been mooted by Quaker Life. We have some ideas about how such a person might be used but we feel a need for more groundwork, for example identifying for how long the RSW might be available, and identifying individual Meetings to comment on the idea. Meetings could be asked, What might you attempt if you had just a little more support? We ask the LQs Committee to keep a watching brief on the matter. Our clerk this time has further notes of our discussion.
Margot Lunnon, Clerk this time


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